COVID-19 death count visualization: race bar chart for US states

Dror Berel
Oct 24, 2020


5 minutes to create the animation. 50 minutes to figure out how to embed into Medium

In my previous blog post I visualized mobility data from the Covid-19 Open data project.

This blog post will demonstrate another popular visualization, a race bar chart animation. I used the cumulative number of COVID-19 deaths as the presented outcome.

single frame from the animation (by the author)

Animation was created using the robservable R package, which allows the use of Observable notebooks (or parts of them) as htmlwidgets in R.

HTML animation file can be found at my GitHub repo. Below a recorded video from my screen, therefore the degraded quality. by the author

Embedding the HTML file into Medium publication:

Apparently I am not the first (or the last one) who have challenges loading HTML animations into Medium. The best documentation I found was very helpful. I would add that some Medium embedding features were not fully worked with Firefox, so I switched into Chrome browser.